Created by Vancouver designer Orion Anthony, Small Town was conceived in Los Angeles during a year-long hiatus:

"Back in 2000, while I was in L.A., the market for vintage T-shirts was just developing. As it turned out, my obsession with apparel design had me working hard, even while on vacation.

With local vintage stores being shopped out by L.A. hipsters, I found more success scouring vintage stores in small towns. It was so difficult to find that perfect vintage T - a good fit, color and the right graphic were such a rarity, I was inspired to create my own.

Small Town Vintage T-shirts were born.

Twenty years of screenprinting experience, special vintage techniques and the talent of local illustrator & tatoo artist ACROW have since kept Small Town T-shirts at the top of the pile.

I love T-shirts, jeans and muscle cars, and Small Town is the vehicle I've chosen to express my passion for this simple and timeless style. Communicating through a combination of design media - apparel, graphics and film - I've found a great sense of purpose.

I'm not just selling jeans and T-shirts. Small Town comes straight from the heart. When you buy a Small Town piece, I appreciate the purchase, but seeing my vision become a reality is the ultimate reward."