Normally you wouldn’t expect to find anything very fashionable in a Small Town, but with a chic twist on a simple name, Small Town Jeans are the new women’s premium denim brand by Canadian Designer Orion Anthony:

Orion Anthony"The concept and the collection are inspired by rare vintage denim pieces I’ve found at used clothing stores in random Small Town America. Small Town Jeans stand apart from other brands with a very special and flattering fit I’ve been developing for many years. Careful attention paid to good proportion accentuates your curves helping you look your best."

The slimming, "rounding" effect in the rear of the jeans is a key selling point that have attracted Hollywood celebrities like Jessica Simpson and Hillary Duff, who purchased Small Town Jeans retail, and has reported to Lucky Magazine how “so, so perfect” the fit is. The "Camaro" skinny jean is Hillary’s favorite:

small town denim jeans